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AgriCapture is thrilled to announce the addition of Jim Whitaker and Ryan Moore to its Board of Directors. These appointments bring decades of leadership in sustainable farming and precision agriculture to support AgriCapture’s commitment to data integrity and agricultural sustainability solutions.

Fifth-generation farmer Jim Whitaker is a leader in sustainable rice cultivation, receiving numerous awards and recognition, including being a graduate of the USA Rice Leadership Program. Whitaker Farms made history as the first farm to ever generate carbon credits from rice production, subsequently selling them to Microsoft. Additionally, the farm has participated in sustainable rice sourcing programs for major companies like Mars, Inc.

Drawing on his wealth of experience, Jim will bridge the gap between farmers and the expanding sustainability market, supporting AgriCapture’s mission to make climate-smart programs both accessible and profitable for farmers. He commends AgriCapture for its progress in paying farmers for sustainable practices, implementing the Climate-Friendly Rice USDA Climate-Smart Commodities Grant, and successfully delivering registry-verified agricultural carbon credits to the market.

Ryan Moore, the owner of M&M Ag Consulting, LLC, has devoted nearly two decades to precision agriculture and field-level data analysis, leveraging technology to optimize operational productivity and profitability.

Ryan’s role at AgriCapture will bolster data collection capabilities, ensuring the integrity and granularity of sustainability insights at scale, and provide strategic advisory in developing new technology capabilities. His proficiency in precision agriculture technology will fortify AgriCapture’s inputs for agricultural carbon credits and certification of climate-smart commodities, while simplifying the data collection process for farmers.

“It is an honor to have Jim Whitaker and Ryan Moore join our Board of Directors,” said President of AgriCapture, Tyler Hull. “Their character, values, and tremendous expertise in sustainable agriculture and cutting-edge agricultural technology align perfectly with AgriCapture’s mission.”

These appointments expand AgriCapture’s commitment to generating validated environmental assets by fostering trustworthy farmer partnerships. The addition of Jim Whitaker and Ryan Moore advances AgriCapture’s shared vision of sustainable agriculture as the future of the industry, reinforcing AgriCapture’s role in making this vision a reality.

About AgriCapture

AgriCapture is a mission-driven company that certifies Climate-Friendly practices on farms, ranchlands, and grasslands and quantifies associated greenhouse gas emissions reductions, enabling producers to generate revenue for their sustainable management practices. By certifying agricultural products as Climate-Friendly and developing carbon credits, we serve corporations who are reducing and offsetting their GHG emissions while empowering consumers to consciously select Climate-Friendly products.

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