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Grassland Carbon Offsets

Preserving Our Nation’s Grassland and Soil Carbon

AgriCapture is the only company to be issued avoided grassland conversion carbon credits in the state of Texas by the Climate Action Reserve. We leverage our best-in-class technology and soil expertise to improve landowner conservation and protect fragile ecosystems.

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By preventing activities such as tillage, cropland conversion, and synthetic fertilizer use, we are protecting our nation’s grasslands and limiting future greenhouse gas emissions.

The loss of grasslands is not just a loss of natural beauty, but a waste of precious resources such as groundwater, diverse ecosystems, and most importantly – carbon.

The State of Grasslands


of the world's land-based carbon is stored in grasslands.


of the United States' original grasslands remain.


acres of grasslands are converted to cropland every year.

How It Works

1 Land Evaluation

AgriCapture gathers data and uses satellite imagery to assess property eligibility and quantify carbon credit potential. 

2 Project Development

AgriCapture develops a detailed Monitoring Plan and lists the project with a carbon registry.

3 Conservation Easement

AgriCapture works alongside land trusts to develop an easement to protect soil carbon.

4 Carbon Credit Verification & Sales

A third-party auditor verifies the integrity of the carbon credits. Once credits are verified, AgriCapture identifies a buyer and manages the transaction.

Our Project Emission Reductions Result From:

Avoided Conversion of Soil Carbon
Sustainable Livestock and Grazing Practices
Prohibiting Synthetic Fertilizer Use

By Preventing These Practices We:

Sequester Carbon
Protect Fragile Ecosystems
Conserve Natural Resources

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