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USDA Climate-Smart Commodities Program

AgriCapture Climate-Friendly Rice

With support from the USDA, AgriCapture will partner with Climate-Friendly rice farms and mills to reduce annual emissions and conserve water from U.S. rice production.

Climate-Friendly Rice is grown with farming practices that:

Reduce GHG Emissions

Conserve Water

Improve Soil Health

The AgriCapture team provides agronomic advice to farmers, collects data to verify the climate benefits of climate-smart rice cultivation, and traces benefits through the value chain.

The 2023 program includes:


Climate-Friendly Rice Acres

$2 million

Direct Farmer Incentives

100 million

Pounds of Climate-Friendly Rice

Resulting in up to:

25,000 Metric Tons of CO2e Emissions Avoided

2.5 Billion Gallons of Water Saved

Acres enrolled in the Climate-Friendly Rice Program must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Climate-Friendly Irrigation through Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) or Furrow Irrigated Rice (FIR)
  • Efficient Nitrogen Management
  • Approved Rice Residue Management
  • Identity Preserved Storage

For more information on Climate-Friendly Rice: