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Welcome Farmers

An AgriCapture Climate-Friendly Rice Farmer in Dexter, MO

You Are the Future of Farming

We see an opportunity to increase revenue for every farming operation.  

By identifying regenerative agricultural opportunities, data aggregation and verification, and the business side of sustainable agriculture, we help farmers and landowners focus on what matters most: their operation. 

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We Create Value for Farmers and Landowners

We help a variety of landowners and farmers optimize land management practices to produce better agricultural, financial, and environmental outcomes. It all starts with developing a personalized, comprehensive land management plan.

Cutting-edge technology, satellite imagery, and ground-truth data allow us to monitor and monetize the environmental impact of sustainable rice production, helping farmers maximize profits while saving them time and resources.
Regenerative farming can increase soil carbon, improve yields, and generate new streams of revenue from sustainably grown product premiums and carbon credits.
Quantifying, conserving, and increasing soil organic carbon creates new revenue streams for landowners' sustainable land management.

The AgriCapture Process

Introductory Meeting

After understanding typical farm practices, AgriCapture identifies the information and data we will need from the farm throughout the project.

Growing Discovery

AgriCapture learns more about the farmer’s operation, finding out where their land is, what they grow, and how they grow it.

Quantify Carbon Potential

First we take a look at the farmer or landowner’s practices, then we determine their potential to reduce carbon emissions.

Propose a Business Solution

After taking a look at the farmer or landowner’s needs and comparing it with our capabilities, we determine a viable business solution.

Create and Sign a Contract

In partnership with the farmer, we create a contract for an agreed amount of time.

Get Paid

AgriCapture manages the sale of carbon credits and Climate-Friendly crops and facilitates payments to farmers following the growing season.

Monetizing Your Regenerative Practices

An AgriCapture Climate-Friendly Farm in Missouri

Carbon Credits

Generating carbon credits and selling them require the ability to navigate the carbon value chain and developing relationships with corporations. We help you manage the process from beginning to end. From project registration, to the validation/verification of results, to registration of the credits, to finally selling credits in the market.

Crop Premiums

Sustainably grown and sourced products are high on the agendas of corporations and gaining traction with consumers and market share. We help landowners and farmers negotiate premiums for their sustainably grown products.

Practice Incentive Payments

By complying with our outlined sustainability practices, farmers can receive an annual per-acre benefit for their crops. We also constantly update our protocol and practices to stay relevant with the current carbon guidelines.

Contact AgriCapture Today

Interested in enrolling in AgriCapture’s programs? Please provide more information about your operation so our Farm Management team can reach out to you.

Please provide information about your operation, including crop type, acreage, location, and management practices, so our farm management team can evaluate eligibility.

Join the race to regenerate.