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Our Story

Welcome to AgriCapture

At AgriCapture, our mission is to capture the full potential of sustainable land management and regenerative farm management to benefit farmers and landowners, our food, and the environment.

Farmers, ranchers, and landowners work with AgriCapture to measure, verify and certify agriculture practices. We help them get paid for their sustainable actions. 

Agricultural value chain companies work with us to trace sustainably-grown commodities through the supply chain. We call that identity preservation. We also develop environmental assets for Scope 3 emissions insetting claims. 

Companies outside of the agriculture supply chain work with us to decrease on-farm emissions through verified carbon credits. Our carbon credits are third-party verified and issued by the Climate Action Reserve

Join us in building high-integrity pathways to a healthier, more sustainable future!

See How We Can Help

Our President, Tyler Hull, analyzing data with our team at our Nashville, TN headquarters

Our home office based in Nashville, TN

Jon Thompson, an AgriCapture Climate-Friendly Rice Farmer in Dexter, MO, working with a member of our team in the field

AgriCapture geographers and agronomists review field-level and spatial data at our Nashville, TN HQ

Tom Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture, endorsing AgriCapture Climate-Friendly Rice in March 2024

Tom Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture, endorses AgriCapture Climate-Friendly Rice

The first-ever certified Climate-Friendly Rice bags are packaged for the retail market by AgriCapture partner Columbia Grain International in Fountain City, WI

How We Started

June 2021

AgriCapture is founded with the purpose of creating value for farmers and landowners from sustainable agricultural practices and land management.

September 2021

AgriCapture forms the second-ever agricultural carbon credit project under Climate Action Reserve's Soil Enrichment Protocol.

January 2022

AgriCapture completes the largest-ever cover cropping program in the Mississippi River Valley.

June 2022

AgriCapture launches the Climate-Friendly Rice Program to incentivize climate-friendly rice farming practices, monitor and quantify emissions, and create sustainable supply chains.

September 2022

AgriCapture receives a $7.5 million grant from the USDA to scale their Climate-Friendly Rice Program to 25,000 acres.

October 2022

AgriCapture is the second company ever to receive agricultural carbon credits from the Climate Action Reserve.

May 2023

AgriCapture is the first company ever to be issued carbon credits for avoided grassland conservation in the state of Texas.

March 2024

Completing 3rd-party verification on the first large scale issuance of rice-farming carbon credits in U.S. history.

March 2024

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recognizes AgriCapture Climate-Friendly Rice as first USDA-funded project to hit the market.

April 2024

Great River Milling Sustainably Grown Long Grain Rice, featuring the Climate-Friendly Certified by AgriCapture seal, launches in the retail market.

Our Core Values

Creating Value for Farmers and Landowners

We strive endlessly to create and maintain relationships with farmers, mill owners, and end buyers, ensuring our customers’ needs and expectations are paramount.

Challenge the Process

Regenerative agriculture must be done thoughtfully, and in service to farmers. This means you must identify new climate-friendly practices that can increase yields, decrease input costs, and generate high-value carbon credits. We will challenge the status quo and every process to strengthen the climate smart standards within the industry.

Do the Right Thing

Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. We are admired and respected for our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency. We do not take shortcuts and always do the right things for the land, the landowner, and the environment.

Deliver Exceptional Service

We strive to provide a superior service: helping our partners get rewarded for doing things in a climate-friendly way. We accomplish this by helping them navigate markets, including the entire carbon value chain, that they could not easily explore on their own. On-land presence and consultation to project management provides a personal service and ensures quality results that we are proud to put our name behind and that buyers can trust.

Exude Confidence and Humility

We have a steadfast belief that AgriCapture’s services are critical to increasing land profitability, sustainability, and mitigating the effects of climate change. We know that the best results come from successful collaboration with our stakeholders.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of passionate environmentalists, geographers, agronomists, and data scientists who recognize the incredible opportunity beneath our feet. We certify agricultural practices that sustain healthy watersheds, soil profiles, consumer diets, and farmer livelihoods. That big responsibility requires a thoughtful, dedicated team.

tyler hull

Tyler Hull


Tyler Hull is the president of AgriCapture, a leading certifier of Climate-Friendly farming practices and a generator of high integrity agricultural emissions reduction and removal credits. AgriCapture creates economically viable, market-based solutions for cultivating crops and conserving land while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

As part of AgriCapture’s original founding team in 2021 and the company’s director of strategy for two years, Tyler has forged trusted relationships with U.S. farmers who manage more than 130,000 acres of land and built partnerships across the agriculture value chain.

Under Tyler’s leadership, AgriCapture was the first company to receive agricultural carbon credits from the Climate Action Reserve for the 2021 crop season and the first company in Texas history to receive carbon credits for avoided grassland conversion. AgriCapture’s Climate-Friendly Rice Program launched the first consumer product under the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities initiative. AgriCapture remains committed to revolutionizing the agricultural industry through cutting-edge technologies that improve sustainability, efficiency, and productivity, and make U.S. farming a more financially viable profession. AgriCapture’s work helps build climate-friendly supply chains that empower farmers, corporations, and consumers.

Prior to AgriCapture, Tyler Hull was an investment associate at LandFund Partners, where he worked closely with farmers to develop pilot projects to monitor the effects of regenerative agricultural practices on soil health and the economic impacts for farmers.

Tyler received his Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin. He was recognized through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Nashville 30 Under 30 program and is an active member of the Phoenix Club of Nashville.

Jarred Finney

Director of Technology

Mr. Finney joined AgriCapture with over 23 years in the Information Technology space. After founding a fintech company and building his team from the ground up, Jarred prepared the start-up for a strategic sale. With a background as a Founder and Lead Data Architect, Jarred’s expertise in designing, implementing, and managing complex data systems is integral to expanding AgriCapture’s data management and reporting process.

As the Director of Technology, Jarred is responsible for developing AgriCapture’s data-driven sustainability solutions, including database design and architecture to support agricultural carbon credit generation and Climate-Friendly farming verification. Jarred will work closely with AgriCapture's data engineers and agriculture specialists to ensure that the company's technology processes align with its mission of creating sustainable agricultural supply chains.

Jarred holds a degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. He gained eight years of experience in Database Administration in the healthcare industry before founding a fintech company and building his team from scratch, which he later prepared for a strategic sale.

Hilary Swaim

Marketing Director

Hilary brings a wealth of marketing and sales operations experience to our team, ranging from SaaS start-ups to the non-profit sector. Her diverse background has honed her skills in brand and product marketing, go-to-market strategies, and crafting campaigns to drive business objectives.

Passionate about sustainability and climate solutions, Hilary's roots in Tennessee farming have instilled in her a deep appreciation for environmental stewardship. As Agricapture’s Marketing Director, she will spearhead the expansion of our marketing activities and craft a long-term strategy that supports lead generation and promotes brand awareness. Hilary will translate company goals into impactful marketing campaigns, ensuring alignment with our overarching business objectives.

John Lanahan

Director of Client Engagement

John has spent the entirety of his 15+ year career working to grow startups and ecosystems across the country. Most recently, John worked as an operator in charge of sales and marketing efforts for an early stage, finance and accounting company. Previously he worked with the State of Tennessee to support entrepreneurial ecosystem development, running accelerator programs, managing a $30m fund, and helping startups identify capital opportunities. John started his career working for a seed-stage venture capital firm in San Francisco and New York investing in over 150 companies during his tenure.

John joins Agricapture as the Director of Client Engagement and leads business development, revenue operations and supporting client success. He has deep experience identifying target customers, go-to-market strategies, developing value proposition messaging, and scaling revenue operations to drive growth.

John received his B.A. in Economics from Middlebury College and lives in Nashville with his amazing wife Ally, son Cooper, and West Highland Terrier Poppy. He has a deep passion for sustainability and climate solutions and was selected and completed the Climatebase Fellowship.

Megan Engel

GIS Manager

Megan Engel holds over 12 years of experience in Geographic Information Systems, environmental services, and data management. In previous roles, Megan has developed region-wide data collection, viewing, and processing systems for mapping of conservation projects. She has worked at two USDA agencies, the United States Forest Service, and the National Resource Conservation Service where she used GIS capabilities and mapping to develop conservation plans and forest-wide ecological restoration programs.

As the GIS Manager at AgriCapture, Megan will develop and maintain project databases of farm information and environmental data to drive the company’s monitoring, reporting and verification of climate-friendly farming activity. Her expertise will accelerate AgriCapture’s data architecture and in-house tools to examine farm-level data as well as the team’s capabilities to gather geographic data from farmland, ranchland, and grassland properties.

Megan holds a Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, both from California State University.

Professional Achievements:
Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional
Gamma Theta Upsilon International Honor Society Member

Trevor Freemyer

Rice Programs Manager

Trevor Freemyer brings over six years of experience in the agribusiness sector with a specific focus on the rice industry. Trevor has developed sustainable rice sourcing programs and managed the marketing, sales, and logistics at major rice mills and agricultural processing companies. He has led regenerative rice agronomy programs where he ran field trials, set up a farm data collection process, and established program monitoring capabilities in addition to experience in agricultural software and market intelligence roles.

As AgriCapture’s Rice Programs Manager, Trevor will work alongside the business, technology, agronomy, and data teams to run the Climate-Friendly Rice program. He will provide farmers with the tools to be successful in the program, enroll new producers with AgriCapture, and work with supply chain partners to establish post-harvest logistics in support of identity preservation.

Trevor holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from the University of Arkansas.

Wally Macey

Senior Data Engineer

As AgriCapture’s Senior Data Engineer, Wally Macey brings over five years of data engineering experience, specializing in designing, developing, and maintaining data pipelines. Joining AgriCapture's Technology and Data Management team, Wally's expertise will support the company's ability to measure, monitor, report, and verify sustainable farming activity.

In his previous role as a Data Engineer, Wally successfully built scalable data pipelines to support and enhance real-time machine learning prediction engines, demonstrating his proficiency in this field. Prior to that, as a Senior Application Developer, he developed custom automation and large scale data migration ETL for data-driven dashboard solutions, showcasing his data architecture experience.

At AgriCapture, Wally will focus on developing proprietary systems and data pipelines to enhance the company's carbon credit projects and verification process of Climate-Friendly crop production. With his experience, Wally brings valuable skills in data warehouse design and data architecture to support AgriCapture's growth in providing data-driven climate solutions.


University of Tennessee
Master of Computer Science

Auburn University
Bachelor of Engineering in Wireless Software

Lee Atwill

Senior Agronomist

Lee Atwill brings over 13 years of agriculture industry experience, specializing in agronomy, field data collection, and product management. In his most recent position as a Field Data and Technology Manager, he oversaw data collection to verify the sustainable cultivation of rice, cotton, and wheat.

As a Research and Extension Associate at Mississippi State University, Lee focused on water and nitrogen management practices for mid-south US rice production, with an emphasis on irrigation strategies like Alternate Wetting and Drying and Furrow Irrigated Rice. He also conducted research on irrigation systems that conserve water and enhance overall quality.

Additionally, Lee owns two businesses: Atwill Farms where he farms soybeans, corn and rice, and Delta Irrigation Design where he provides irrigation consulting services for rice and row crops.

With a Ph.D. in Agronomy, Lee will offer agronomic guidance on regenerative farming practices to farmers enrolled in AgriCapture’s programs. He will also provide insights on agronomic crop and soil science for the Field Data, Carbon Projects, and Marketing teams. Lee’s contributions will improve the scientific rigor of AgriCapture’s Climate-Friendly Rice and Soil Enrichment Protocol programs, assisting producers in implementing cultivation techniques that improve overall farm sustainability and profitability.

Mississippi State University; major, Agronomy; Ph.D. 2021
Mississippi State University; major, Agronomy; M.S. 2015
Arkansas State University; major, Chemistry; B.S. 2012

Emily Sardello

Remote Sensing Specialist

Emily brings a background in environmental science and over 10 years of geospatial and remote sensing experience to the AgriCapture team. Emily holds a master’s degree in environmental science and previously served as a Geospatial Analyst at Optimal GEO/Woolpert and a Center Lead at the NASA DEVELOP National Program at Langley Research Center.

In her role as AgriCapture’s Remote Sensing Specialist, Emily will lead the design, development, and implementation of all remote sensing solutions for climate-smart agriculture. By sourcing and interpreting environmental data from remote sensing technology, AgriCapture gains a comprehensive view of farming activity to support the company’s Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MMRV) services.

Master of Science in Environmental Science
Christopher Newport University

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology
Christopher Newport University

John Harnice

John Harnice

Field Data Manager

Mr. Harnice received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Butler University. As a Farm Management Associate at LandFund Partners, Mr. Harnice assisted in the development of “pilot projects” to test regenerative agriculture practices on row crop farmland.

Butler University

Chad Williams

Field Data Analyst

Mr. Williams received his Bachelor of Science in Agronomic Business and Marketing from Purdue University. Chad’s experience in the agriculture industry will reinforce AgriCapture’s data-driven offerings. As a Crop Inspector, Chad inspected plant varieties and created detailed reports for seed producers. More recently as a Research Associate at a seed production company, he organized and conducted field-level experiments. As a Field Data Analyst at AgriCapture, he will support the team in collecting and analyzing farm information needed to generate carbon credits and Climate-Friendly certifications of agricultural commodities.

Purdue University
Bachelor of Science in Agronomic Business & Marketing

Ben Barrett

Field Data Analyst

Ben joins our team as a recent graduate of the University of Alabama, where he earned both his Bachelor's in Environmental Sciences and his MBA. His interdisciplinary background provides him with a unique perspective and a diverse skill set. In his role, Ben will be instrumental in collecting and auditing ground truth data for all of our farmer partners, laying the essential groundwork for each field and bushel we work with. His attention to detail and commitment to accuracy will be invaluable assets to AgriCapture as we strive for excellence in our operations.

Jacob Cabral

GIS Analyst

Mr. Cabral received his Bachelor of Science in Geography from Bridgewater State University and a Master of Science in Natural Resources and the Environment from the University of Connecticut. Jacob has experience collecting and analyzing GIS data to develop sustainability insights and address environmental issues. As a GIS Stormwater Technician, he collected spatial data to examine sustainability issues in energy, water, and waste management. Jacob interpreted remote sensing data analysis as a GIS Technician to evaluate the impacts of coastal habitat degradation and address wildlife conservation challenges. As a GIS Analyst at AgriCapture, Jacob will support several GIS and data management functions including spatial data collection and remote sensing analysis of the farmland enrolled in AgriCapture’s project portfolio. Jacob will conduct remote sensing and monitoring in support of carbon credit generation projects and Climate-Friendly crop certifications.


University of Connecticut
Master of Science in Natural Resources and the Environment

Bridgewater State University
Bachelor of Science in Geography

Hannah Porter

GIS Technician

Hannah Porter earned her Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography, specializing in Geospatial Analysis, from Middle Tennessee State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She demonstrated exceptional dedication and time management skills by maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA while working full-time at Results Physiotherapy. Her academic achievements underscore her commitment to excellence.

As a GIS Technician, Hannah will leverage her expertise to manipulate spatial data representing project field boundaries, conduct site eligibility spatial analysis on agricultural lands, and generate visualizations with actionable insights for internal and external stakeholders.

Megan Senen

Human Resources Manager

Graduating from Grand Valley State University, Megan is an HR professional with over 3 years of experience, in tandem with a background in sales and customer service spanning 7 years.

Megan brings a unique blend of skills to our team at AgriCapture, which encompasses event coordination, executive support, customer service, and a passion for company culture and employee care. As our HR Manager, she will lead all HR-related functions, ensuring a positive employee experience and supporting our team's growth and success.

megan garvey

Megan Garvey

Marketing Associate

Megan received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Belmont University where she was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Management Award from the College of Business. Megan was also inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honors Society which recognizes academic excellence for students holding leadership positions.

Belmont University
Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Personal or Professional Awards:
Outstanding Achievement in Management Award at Belmont University
Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honors Society Member

Josh Scott

Financial Operations Associate

Josh Scott brings nearly 10 years of experience in financial services to the AgriCapture team. His range of expertise covers customer relations, data analytics, and account management, including his most recent role as a Billing and AR Supervisor.

As the Financial Operations Associate at AgriCapture, Josh will manage all financial operations, including financial reporting and administration for AgriCapture’s funding under the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities initiative to scale the market for Climate-Friendly Rice.

Josh received his M.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina and his B.S. in Business Administration and English from Coker College.

John Farris

Founder & Executive Chairman

Mr. Farris received a full-tuition fellowship to study economics and finance at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, where he was awarded a Master’s Degree. Before attending Princeton, Mr. Farris studied economics and philosophy at Centre College from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He served as an economist at the Center for Economics Research at the Research Triangle Institute, as well as a senior economics consultant with both the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. From 2006 to 2007, Mr. Farris served as Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Mr. Farris serves on the Board of Directors for Kentucky Technology Inc and is past chair of the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) Investment Committee. Mr. Farris also serves on the Board of Trustees at Centre College and Sayre School.

Jim Whitaker

Strategic Advisor

Jim Whitaker is a fifth-generation farmer who alongside his brother, produces rice, cotton, soybeans, and corn on their Arkansas family farm dating back to 1890.
Jim is a leader in sustainable rice cultivation, receiving numerous awards and recognition, including being a graduate of the USA Rice Leadership Program. Whitaker Farms made history as the first farm globally to sell carbon credits from rice production and has participated in sustainable rice sourcing programs for major companies like Mars, Inc.
Jim will bridge the gap between farmers and the expanding sustainability market, supporting AgriCapture’s mission to make climate-smart programs both accessible and profitable for farmers. He commends AgriCapture for its progress in paying farmers for sustainable practices, implementing the Climate-Friendly Rice USDA Climate-Smart Commodities Grant, and successfully delivering registry-verified agricultural carbon credits to the market.

Ryan Moore

Strategic Advisor

Ryan Moore brings nearly 20 years of Precision Ag experience to AgriCapture. As the founder of M&M Ag Consulting, he is a leader in agriculture data and technology, supporting growers in maximizing their productivity and profitability while maintaining the integrity of data insights at scale.
Ryan’s prior work at Greenway Equipment developed precision agriculture services, emphasizing the opportunity for agriculture data to inform operational decision-making. Ryan holds a masters in Agronomy from Murray State University and has served as council member on John Deere’s Dealer Advisory Council for Application Equipment.
Ryan is passionate about data integrity and his expertise will support AgriCapture’s mission to collect high-quality data that feeds into agriculture carbon credit projects, climate-friendly crop certifications, and sustainability reporting.

Bachelor of Science in Agronomy at Mississippi State University
Master of Science in Agriculture at Murray State University

Headshot of Kam Kronenberg

G.H. “Kam” Kronenberg III

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Kronenberg is the founder and managing partner of Downstream Investments LLC. Downstream is a private investment firm specializing in strategic investments, leveraged acquisitions, recapitalizations of well-established companies and real estate investment opportunities. Mr. Kronenberg is responsible for all aspects of acquisition and management of the partnership assets and portfolio companies. Mr. Kronenberg has extensive corporate finance, principal investing, strategy, and business management experience across multiple industries including: automotive, consumer debt, construction, consumer products, equipment leasing, energy, medical technology, real estate, professional sports franchising, and financial services. He is focused on the growth and support of AgriCapture as one of his portfolio companies.

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