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By 2030, conventional rice cultivation will be responsible for 23% of agriculture’s contribution to global warming.

By sourcing Climate-Friendly Rice, you can reverse these effects by:

Reducing GHG Emissions
Conserving Water
Improving Soil Health

With funding from the USDA, AgriCapture is bringing 425 million pounds of Climate-Friendly Rice to market by 2025. 

Learn more about the Certification Program here.

Climate-Friendly Rice Producers

Meet the farmers leading the transition to climate-smart agriculture. 

Verified Sustainability Impact

AgriCapture monitors practices at a field level to verify the climate impact of farm activity. Our process measures and reports on widespread environmental benefits.
1. Data Collection

AgriCapture collects farm records to verify farming activity occurred in compliance with the standard. 

2. Soil Sampling

AgriCapture conducts soil sampling to measure carbon sequestered from Climate-Friendly practices.  

Soil Sampling
Measuring Soil with Digital Scale
3. Monitoring

AgriCapture analyzes satellite imagery and remote sensing to confirm on-farm activity, providing additional assurance that farms follow the standard.  

4. Quantification

AgriCapture quantifies net greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration levels associated with Climate-Friendly farming practices.  

5. Identity Preservation

AgriCapture ensures Climate-Friendly rice is identity preserved throughout the supply chain by monitoring all post-harvest activities including transportation, storage, milling and packaging. 

Read About Post-Harvest Traceability
6. Sustainability Reporting

AgriCapture provides certified sustainability data and reporting information to enable your team to communicate your impact. 

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