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The Steps of AgriCapture Identity Preservation

AgriCapture collaborates with a network of dedicated farmers and mills who prioritize rice quality, sustainability, and advanced traceability.

Through these partnerships, rice is identity preserved and verified, ensuring you can confidently claim water savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower arsenic, protein content, and farm traceability.

To meet our source certification process, the grain is carefully monitored and separated during planting, growing, harvest, storage, milling, and distribution. This creates a value-added product that can be traced throughout the supply chain.

Rice traceability through the supply chain.

Traceability starts from day one. Our rice farming partners confirm the water saving practices to be followed and AgriCapture maps the exact planting sites.

Why do we focus on water saving practices like Alternate Wetting and Drying and Furrow-Irrigated Rice? Saving water protects local water supplies and saves farmers money. Plus, in rice farming, standing water means increased methane creation and potential inorganic arsenic uptake.

Growing season

AgriCapture monitors and verifies growing practices through on-farm data and remote sensing. AgriCapture maps storage bins to be used at harvest.

Harvest + Storage

Rice is harvested and stored separately from any conventionally grown rice. Before harvest, AgriCapture confirms the expected bushels are withheld in designated storage bins. Storage bins are then sampled for arsenic and protein content.

Mill delivery

After the rush of the conventional harvest, AgriCapture partner farmers deliver the identity preserved rice to mill partners. The rice continues to be stored away from conventionally grown rice.

Processing + distribution

Our buyers receive the rice that meets their specific requirements (lowest arsenic, highest protein content, reduced methane emissions, etc.) and consumer expectations of advanced traceability.

What characteristics are most important to your customers?

AgriCapture’s certification and identity preservation process allows you to confidently claim:

  • Protein content
  • Sustainability
  • Water savings
  • Grain quality
  • Reduced arsenic

Ready to secure your 2024 supply?

Want to learn more about identity preservation and traceability? See it in action below.