What is Climate-Friendly Rice?

AgriCapture sources and certifies rice grown in a sustainable manner that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

Global conventional rice cultivation is responsible for 11% of total man-made methane emissions. With AgriCapture’s certification for climate-friendly rice, farmers can grow rice with techniques that are good for the environment while being rewarded for their efforts.


Advantages for the Corporate Buyer

1. Reduce Scope 3 Emissions

Emissions reductions through the purchase of sustainable products along the supply chain advance your company towards corporate sustainability commitments.

2. Farmers’ Sustainablity

Motivate change throughout agriculture by supporting climate-friendly rice cultivation that is often financially inaccessible.

3. Increased Price-Point

Position your company as an industry leader by supporting sustainable food production with AgriCapture Certified Climate-Friendly Rice.


current acres of AgriCapture Climate-Friendly rice cultivation


reduction in methane emissions compared to conventional rice


less metric tons per acre of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions

Why make the switch?

Climate-Friendly Rice
  • Climate-friendly rice cultivation mulches rice straw back into the ground and minimizes flooding organic matter.
  • This avoids emissions from burning, reduces methanogenesis, and increases soil organic carbon up to 0.5 mtCO2e/acre.
  • A pilot project with McKaskle Family Farm demonstrated a 72% reduction in methane emissions relative to the state average.
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Conventional Rice
  • Field burning to remove excess rice straw after harvest releases greenhouse gases.
  • Many U.S. farms burn their fields.
  • Straw burning causes community pollution and decreases lung function.
  • Flooding rice straw and rice stubble causes methanogenesis, releasing potent methane emissions.

Join the race to regenerate.