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Ecosystem Services

Measure, Monitor, Report, and Verify Your Climate Impact with Credibility

Ground-truth data is the foundation for climate-smart commodities and carbon markets. At AgriCapture, we rely on actual field-level data, not regional defaults, to measure, monitor, report, and verify your climate impact with accuracy.

Whether you’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing carbon sequestration, or providing environmental co-benefits, AgriCapture’s field-level approach brings credibility to your climate impact claims.  


Our Process

Connect with the Grower

Our Field Data Staff connects with growers to understand their unique operation and capture relevant operational data that can’t be obtained remotely. 

Monitor Practices Remotely 

We use remote sensing to monitor sustainable practices at the field level, reducing the burden for farmers, ranchers, and landowners while increasing credibility relative to self-reporting and surveys. 

Quantify Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

We integrate with biogeochemical models such as COMET and DNDC to quantify greenhouse gas emission data and soil carbon sequestration using the latest peer-reviewed science. 

Verify Our Findings 

We undergo third-party verification to ensure a high degree of rigor around our process and results. 

The Difference Is In The Data

Weekly Satellite Monitoring

Our Data Management team utilizes satellite imagery to collect time-series imagery and detect changes in land use over time. By processing and analyzing this data, we are able to measure and monitor irrigation practices, residue management practices, and vegetation.

Aggregating Field Operations Data

We provide low-burden solutions for farmers, ranchers, and landowners to integrate field maps and documentation of irrigation, tillage, fertilizer application, and other operational data into our database management system.

Direct Soil Sampling

Using our proprietary soil stratification software, we apply a multi-staged stratification approach to select soil sampling points on a property. Our Data Management team then analyzes the results of the sampling, allowing us to calculate soil organic carbon and bulk density.

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