Agricultural Carbon Offsets

AgriCapture is one of only two companies in history to have been issued carbon credits under the Soil Enrichment Protocol. 

Partners in Sustainability

Through our cooperation with the Climate Action Reserve, we are proud to offer registry-issued agricultural carbon credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions. By partnering with farmers in the Mississippi River Valley, we are able to initiate, verify, and quantify agricultural process changes and their impact on the environment.

How It Works

1 Our Farmers Employ Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Through sustainable practices such as climate-friendly irrigation, avoided field burning, and efficient fertilizer use, our farmers make a direct impact on their carbon emissions.

2 Carbon Credit Generation

Through our relationship with the Climate Action Reserve, we generate registry-issued regenerative carbon credits with our Soil Enrichment Project.

3 Businesses Purchase Our Carbon Credits

We facilitate the purchase of our credits to offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, with each credit representing one ton of sequestered soil carbon or reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Impact


Enrolled Acres





Sustainable Farming Practices

Avoided Field Burning

By employing alternative rice straw management practices, our farmers reduce the air pollution caused by agricultural field burning and allow nutrients to return to the soil.

Climate-Friendly Irrigation

Our farmers conserve water usage and reduce methane emissions by implementing climate-friendly water practices such as Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) or Furrow Irrigated Rice (FIR).

Cover Crops

By cover cropping, our farmers ensure ground is not left bare in the offseason, which prevents soil erosion, improves soil health, and increases biodiversity.

Efficient Fertilizer Use

By regulating fertilizer usage, we can ensure plants will absorb needed nutrients while preventing water supply contamination and limiting nitrous oxide emissions.

Minimum Tillage

Our farmers commit to minimum tillage: meaning they restrict excess soil disturbances that release carbon into the atmosphere.

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