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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – AgriCapture is thrilled to announce the addition of Carter Smith to its Board of Directors. This appointment follows Smith’s remarkable 15-year tenure as the Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, where he expanded state parks and wildlife areas, particularly focusing on conservation and private-lands stewardship. His experience and enthusiasm for conservation will play a vital role in AgriCapture’s efforts to forge partnerships with America’s working lands.

“I am inspired by AgriCapture’s mission and dedication to equipping ranchers, farmers, and private landowners with the necessary tools and incentives to safeguard our native grasslands and habitats from land conversion and loss,” said Carter Smith. “I look forward to supporting the team’s collaboration with land trusts and other entities to engage private landowners in Texas and beyond, as we work to advance these emerging land stewardship initiatives.”

AgriCapture’s Avoided Grasslands Conversion Project is designed to protect grasslands and ranches from conversion to cropland, thus enabling the land to naturally sequester carbon and prevent agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. Last month, AgriCapture achieved a historic milestone as the first-ever grasslands conservation project in Texas to receive carbon credits.

“We are thrilled to welcome Carter Smith to AgriCapture’s Board of Directors, as his years of experience, deep knowledge, and steadfast commitment to conservation and private property rights will greatly contribute to the ongoing expansion of our grasslands and ranchlands programs,” said Board Member and Texas Landowner, Kam Kronenberg. “Following the historic issuance of Texas grasslands carbon credits to AgriCapture, we are excited to broaden the scope of our programs with Carter’s involvement.”

AgriCapture collects property-specific data to submit for verification and credit issuance under the Climate Action Reserve, a globally trusted carbon market offset registry. By purchasing grasslands conservation carbon credits, corporate partners can offset their emissions and incentivize landowners to protect underground carbon storage within their grasslands.

About AgriCapture

AgriCapture is a leading agricultural technology company that enables farmers and landowners to identify and implement climate-friendly practices and capture value for their positive climate impact. AgriCapture rigorously collects field level data and monitors field operations to generate carbon credits and Climate-Friendly Rice products. By providing farmers, ranchers, and landowners with tools to monetize their carbon sequestration and emission reductions, we enable them to conserve natural resources while increasing profitability. For more information about our climate-friendly practices, visit us at

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