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Crop Sourcing, Insets, and Carbon Credits for a Healthy Future

Reduce emissions, save water, and support farmers.

Our team is passionate about building a healthy, sustainable future. We partner with farmers to certify their on-farm practices and connect them to market opportunities. Corporations work with us to source identity preserved crops, reduce their Scope 3 emissions with insets, or support climate positive goals through carbon credits.

Rice farmer standing next to tire and grain machinery on sunny day

Missouri farming partner demonstrating some tools of the trade.

Climate Solutions Across Your Supply Chain

Our farmer relationships, supply chain partners and field-level reporting capabilities bring transparency and sustainability to your procurement and sustainability strategy. Decarbonize with confidence through Climate-Friendly crop sourcing, insets, and carbon credits.

Climate-Friendly Crop Sourcing

Reduce corporate GHG emissions by sourcing verified Climate-Friendly commodities, including rice.


Measure, monitor, report, and verify the climate impact of your product or business through our rigorous process based on ground-truth data. Reduce Scope 3 emissions with certified on-farm practices.

Carbon Credits

Offset corporate GHG emissions by purchasing carbon credits from Climate-Friendly farms.


of a company's greenhouse gas emissions are from scope 3 categories.

Source: JP Morgan


of consumers think corporations have a responsibility to reduce their climate impact

Source: AgriCapture Consumer Research Survey


of consumers will pay $0.40 more for a serving of food grown with Climate-Friendly techniques

Source: AgriCapture Consumer Research Survey

Join the race to regenerate.