Climate-Friendly Products & Carbon Offsetting


A cleaner tomorrow starts with getting our hands dirty today.

AgriCapture’s core offerings unlock additional revenue streams for climate-friendly land management and climate-conscious corporations. We calculate, report and develop methods for reducing carbon footprints, developing sustainable products and increasing net incomes. 

It’s truly a win-win-win. 

Landowners and Farmers

Navigating new markets, including the carbon credit value chain and sustainable crop premiums can be very complex. Let’s regenerate the land while adding new revenue streams.

Climate-Conscious Corporations

Companies have set substantial emission reduction targets but have struggled to find high quality carbon credits. AgriCapture can help you achieve both.

The AgriCapture Difference

Our proprietary processes can help landowners and corporations achieve their goals while advancing agriculture as a natural solution to climate change

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You're feeling inspired, but a little lost about what your next steps should be in continuing the regeneration conversation. Let's realize your full potential.

The Problem



The number of tons of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) that our world’s economic activity emits each year.


of global GHG emissions

Agriculture, forestry, and land use accounts for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions.



The percentage of US Agricultural Land Enrolled in Carbon Offsetting Initiatives.

Cross section of Soil
Carbon dioxide is absorbed and locked in the ground instead of released into the atmosphere. This process mitigates negative climate change impacts.
Absorbed CO2 is processed and fuels healthy plant growth while locking carbon in the soil.
The carbon captured in the soil is converted to micronutrients that promote healthy plant growth.

Soil is the Solution.

Soil is one of the world’s largest carbon sinks, with 3.1x the capacity of the atmosphere and holding 80% of the Earth’s terrestrial carbon. Regenerative land management practices increase and accelerate the amount of carbon stored in the soil, while simultaneously reducing emissions from agricultural operations.

The terminology sounds complex, but the concept is (literally) elemental. The more carbon in the soil, the healthier the soil is. 

AgriCapture helps landowners and farmers identify and implement climate-friendly practices, at no added net cost, while generating new revenue streams and positively impacting climate change as a result.


“I kind of knew that there should be some monetary incentives for my regenerative and sustainable practices, I just did not know exactly where to start. AgriCapture has made my farming operation more profitable by offering a turnkey solution to quantify and monetize my carbon offsets and insets.”

Steve McKaskle
McKaskle Family Farm

Join the race to regenerate.