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AgriCapture Welcomes New Data Analyst, Ian Schaeffer.

Schaeffer will manage carbon offset project documentation, package data for the carbon verification process, and assist in the evaluation of prospective farmland and grassland properties for project enrollment.  

Ian Schaeffer, Data Analyst

Mr. Schaeffer will receive his Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Statistics from Northwestern University upon graduation this spring. During his time at Northwestern, Schaeffer held business consulting internships where he analyzed and redesigned audit processes to improve company efficiency. As an Analytics Intern at AgriCapture since summer 2021, Schaeffer has worked on data projects to evaluate farming and grassland management practices via statistical testing to refine carbon credit generation potential.

As a Data Analyst at AgriCapture, Schaeffer will support the company’s technology and data-driven services. This position will work alongside the team’s GIS Analysts to assess the viability of potential acreage for carbon credit generation projects and Climate-Friendly production programs. Using data to assess each farm and the regenerative agricultural solutions tailored to that property ensures AgriCapture is generating the highest quality outcomes for each farm in the project.

Once acreage is enrolled in AgriCapture’s projects, Schaeffer will manage project documentation to maintain accurate data for the ongoing Soil Enrichment Project. Schaeffer will oversee the converting and formatting of collected field-level data to prepare for the verification process. Additionally, Schaeffer will lay the groundwork for establishing a project database to maintain relevant farm information.

About AgriCapture

AgriCapture is a market-leading technology and data-enabled services firm providing best in class agricultural solutions to climate change. Among AgriCapture’s expanding project portfolio is the Soil Enrichment project, the second-ever greenhouse gas reduction project registered with the Climate Action Reserve, a leading carbon registry. AgriCapture is quantifying, monitoring, reporting, and verifying Climate-Friendly agricultural practices on 83,000 row crop acres in the Mississippi River Valley to generate carbon credits and Climate-Friendly crop premiums. AgriCapture is committed to expanding Climate-Friendly agriculture solutions to climate change. AgriCapture is based in Nashville, Tenn.

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