Climate-Friendly Products

Products with Reduced Emissions.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that U.S. agriculture emits 698 million metric tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent, nearly 12% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

AgriCapture’s Certified Climate-Friendly products establish a standard for growing and sourcing sustainable products in a way that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions through regenerative farming. 


Climate-Friendly Crop Cultivation. Optimizing Outcomes.

AgriCapture works with farmers to identify and support the implementation of sustainable farming practices including reduced tillage, crop rotations, cover crops, organic nitrogen amendments and efficient equipment use to reduce on-farm carbon emissions.

Climate-Friendly Rice

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Climate-Friendly Cotton

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Climate-Friendly Popcorn

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Climate-Friendly Beef

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Corporate Buyer Advantages

1. Reduce Emissions

AgriCapture’s approach includes identity preservation to ensure Climate-Friendly products are traced all the way through the supply chain.

2. Support Farmers

Motivate change in agriculture by supporting climate-friendly practices that are often financially inaccessible.

3. Increased Price-Point

Position your company as an industry leader by supporting sustainable commodity production with AgriCapture Certified Climate-Friendly products.

How It Works

Generating better agricultural, financial and environmental outcomes one step at a time.

Farm Assessment
Solution & Practice Implementation
Monitor, Report, and Verify Outcomes
Climate-Friendly Product Delivery

Join the race to regenerate.