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AgriCapture Announces New GIS Analyst, Kun-Yuan Lee.

A second GIS Analyst will advance AgriCapture’s technology and data-driven agricultural solutions to climate change. Lee will further support the development of AgriCapture’s data architecture and automation tools for examining data, accelerating the monitoring, reporting, and verification of on-farm activity.

Kun-Yuan Lee, GIS Analyst

Lee will focus on building and maintaining a database of all the properties enrolled in AgriCapture’s projects. This will streamline the verification process of on-farm activity to generate Climate-Friendly crop premiums and high-quality carbon credits, allowing the team to secure new revenue streams for farmers.

Lee will help build automation tools to compile data from remote sensing, satellite imagery, and soil sampling to measure the impact of regenerative farming techniques tailored to each property. By maintaining a record of on-farm activity, AgriCapture can generate verifiable environmental outcomes for farmers and corporate buyers. He will also assist in creating a tool to automate the assessment of potential project acreage, allowing the team to enroll more cropland, grassland, and ranchland acres in AgriCapture’s projects.

Lee holds a Master of Science in Geological & Earth Sciences and a Master of Arts in Geography Information Science & Remote Sensing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As a Graduate Research Associate, Lee created web mapping applications and developed automation scripts to efficiently process large amounts of spatial data. This expertise will help automate AgriCapture’s data collection and management process, further scaling the company’s regenerative agriculture projects. 

About AgriCapture

AgriCapture is a market-leading technology and data-enabled services firm providing best in class agricultural solutions to climate change. Among AgriCapture’s expanding project portfolio is the Soil Enrichment project, the second-ever greenhouse gas reduction project registered with the Climate Action Reserve, a leading carbon registry. AgriCapture is quantifying, monitoring, reporting, and verifying Climate-Friendly agricultural practices on 83,000 row crop acres in the Mississippi River Valley to generate carbon credits and Climate-Friendly crop premiums. AgriCapture is committed to expanding Climate-Friendly agriculture solutions to climate change. AgriCapture is based in Nashville, Tenn.

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