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Jarred Finney brings over 23 years of Information Technology strategy to AgriCapture as the company’s first-ever Director of Technology.

AgriCapture is thrilled to announce Jarred Finney as the company’s first Director of Technology. With a 23-year background in the Information Technology space, experience founding a technology company, and an ability to attract high-performing teams, Jarred brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to AgriCapture.

Jarred’s background as a Founder of a fintech company and Lead Data Architect makes him well-suited to lead AgriCapture’s technology and data strategy. He will be responsible for designing and developing AgriCapture’s data-driven sustainability solutions, including database design and architecture to support agricultural carbon credit generation and Climate-Friendly farming verification. Jarred will work closely with AgriCapture’s data engineers and agriculture specialists to ensure that the company’s technology processes align with its mission of creating sustainable agricultural supply chains.

Jarred’s experience in data strategy is critical to AgriCapture’s process of monitoring, reporting, and verifying farm-level activity. His previous leadership of data engineering teams and data architecture strategy will strengthen AgriCapture’s culture of innovation, collaboration, and impact.

Jarred holds a degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. He gained eight years of experience in Database Administration in the healthcare industry before becoming a founding member of a fintech company. There, he built his team from scratch, and later prepared it for a strategic sale.

About AgriCapture

AgriCapture is a mission-driven company that certifies Climate-Friendly practices on farms, ranchlands, and grasslands and quantifies associated GHG emissions reductions. By certifying agricultural products as Climate-Friendly and developing carbon credits, AgriCapture empowers consumers to consciously select sustainable products while serving corporations that are reducing and offsetting their GHG emissions.

For more information on the team and career opportunities at AgriCapture, visit here.