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AgriCapture is pleased to welcome three new hires to the growing, Nashville-based team. Melissa Schoppen joins as our first People Operations Manager, Chad Williams as a Field Data Analyst, and Jacob Cabral as a GIS Analyst.

Melissa Schoppen will lead AgriCapture’s key Human Resources activities including talent acquisition, new employee training, and benefits administration, while forming the HR and Operations department. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Point Park University, Melissa worked for four years in Operations and Human Resources leadership at a high-growth startup. Her Human Resources knowledge will enhance AgriCapture’s employee experience by boosting team morale, company culture, and productivity as a rapidly growing company. Melissa will build crucial HR processes such as talent development, performance management, workforce planning, and maintaining updated business compliance procedures.

Chad Williams joins AgriCapture as a Field Data Analyst. He will support the team in collecting and analyzing farm information needed to generate carbon credits and Climate-Friendly certifications of agricultural commodities. He will interpret data from a combination of sources such as farm records, remote sensing technology, and satellite imagery.

Previously as a Crop Inspector, Chad inspected plant varieties and created detailed reports for seed producers. As a Research Associate at a seed production company, he organized and conducted field-level experiments. This knowledge and experience in the agriculture industry will support AgriCapture’s ability to monitory and verify climate-smart farming activity across the 130,000 acres of farmland in the company’s projects. Chad received his Bachelor of Science in Agronomic Business and Marketing from Purdue University.

Jacob Cabral is the latest addition to AgriCapture’s data management team. As a GIS Analyst, Jacob will support several GIS and data management functions including spatial data collection and remote sensing analysis of the farmland enrolled in AgriCapture’s project portfolio. Jacob will conduct remote sensing and monitoring to inform the farm management team and verify agricultural practices in support of carbon credit generation projects and Climate-Friendly crop certifications.

Jacob has experience collecting and analyzing GIS data to develop sustainability insights and address environmental issues. As a GIS Stormwater Technician, he collected spatial data to examine sustainability issues in energy, water, and waste management. Jacob previously applied remote sensing data analysis as a GIS Technician to evaluate the impacts of coastal habitat degradation and address wildlife conservation challenges. Jacob received his Bachelor of Science in Geography from Bridgewater State University and a Master of Science in Natural Resources and the Environmental from the University of Connecticut.

About AgriCapture

AgriCapture is a mission-driven company that certifies Climate-Friendly practices on farms, ranchlands, and grasslands and quantifies associated GHG emissions reductions, enabling producers to generate revenue for their sustainable management practices. By certifying agricultural products as Climate-Friendly and developing carbon credits, we serve corporations who are reducing and offsetting their GHG emissions while empowering consumers to consciously select Climate-Friendly products.  

For more information on the team and career opportunities with AgriCapture, visit us here.