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AgriCapture Welcomes New Grasslands Manager, Lincoln Day.

AgriCapture is pleased to announce Lincoln Day as the company’s new Grasslands Manager. This position will expand the company’s focus on carbon credit generation projects on grasslands and ranchlands properties, growing the types of agricultural land use AgriCapture works with.

Lincoln Day, Grasslands Manager

Lincoln Day received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics with a minor in Agribusiness Management from the University of Kentucky. On top of experience as a listing agent for equine and commercial farms in Kentucky, Day founded Stalk Commodities, a platform to commercialize technology and manufacturing automation aimed at improving farm efficiency for specialty crops. At Whitman Technologies, Day served as Project Manager of Finance and Operations where he analyzed existing production processes and provided financial analysis for new production processes and capital investment opportunities for the manufacturing and engineering company.

As the Grasslands Manager at AgriCapture, Day will grow the company’s ability to work with various agricultural land types by identifying, assessing, and developing grasslands projects across the US. AgriCapture’s grasslands projects, which will be registered under the Climate Action Reserve’s Grassland Protocol, create additional revenue streams for farmers and landowners based on GHG emissions reductions from the preservation of grasslands acreage.

Working alongside GIS and Data Analysts on the AgriCapture team, Day will analyze and assess the environmental and financial potential of prospective grassland and ranchland properties. He will develop the company’s process for scaling up grassland acreage enrollment. By building relationships with grasslands landowners, Day will expand AgriCapture’s ability to bring regenerative agriculture expertise to farmers and landowners beyond traditional row crop production.

About AgriCapture

AgriCapture is a market-leading technology and data-enabled services firm providing best in class agricultural solutions to climate change. Among AgriCapture’s expanding project portfolio is their Soil Enrichment project, the second-ever greenhouse gas reduction project registered with the Climate Action Reserve, a leading carbon registry. AgriCapture is quantifying, monitoring, reporting, and verifying climate friendly agricultural practices on 83,000 row crop acres in the Mississippi River Valley to generate carbon credits and Climate-Friendly crop premiums. AgriCapture is committed to expanding Climate-Friendly agriculture solutions to climate change. AgriCapture is based in Nashville, Tenn.

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